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The Neuropathic Pain Therapeutics Summit is the only industry-dedicated meeting for large pharma, biotech, and academia, to discover novel neuropathic pain therapeutics.

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Neuropathic Pain Therapeutics Summit Event Guide

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What's Inside Our Complete Event Guide?

    • Learn the latest approaches mobilizing the neuro-immune axis with expert speakers including BioIntervene, NeuroTherapia & Xalud Therapeutics
    • Understand the underlying pathophysiology of neuropathic pain and harness preclinical models with Merck, Q-State Biosciences, Woolf Lab, Boston Children’s Hospital & Indiana University
    • Examine novel ion channel inhibitors, small molecule inhibitors, gene therapy, cannabinoid-derived pharmaceutical and device approaches with Grunenthal/Averitas, Oblique Therapeutics, Regenacy Pharmaceuticals, Navega Therapeutics & Neuropathix

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