Join the Only Industry-led Forum, Focused On Novel Therapeutics for Neuropathic Pain

The inaugural Neuropathic Pain Therapeutics Summit is the only meeting to address industry challenges of understanding the underlying pathophysiology of neuropathic pain, identifying novel therapeutic targets for neuropathic pain.

With an ageing global population and an unabating opioid crisis, the clinical need for novel neuropathic pain therapeutics is imperative. This conference will be the epicenter for exploring novel drug modalities for neuropathic pain including NaV1.7 channel inhibitors, antisense oligonucleotides, matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors, gene therapy, anti-TRPV1 antibody, cannabinoid-derived pharmaceutical, neuroimmune-targeted, medical device approaches, and more.

From harnessing preclinical models for pain drug discovery to identifying pain biomarkers and novel non-addictive neuropathic pain drug modalities in development, this digital summit will unpack challenges that have obstructed the clinical success of neuropathic pain therapeutics.

View the full event guide to learn more about our 24+ expert speakers, 2 content-packed days, and dedicated networking opportunities.

Explore NPT

Explore the latest approaches mobilizing the neuro-immune axis to tackle pain with BioIntervene, NeuroTherapia & Xalud Therapeutics

Harness NPT

Harness preclinical models for pain drug discovery and identify pain biomarkers with insights from Merck & Q-State Biosciences

Understand NPT

Understand fundamental pathophysiology underlying neuropathic pain with insights from Woolf Lab, Boston Children’s Hospital & Indiana University

Optimize NPT

Optimize the safety and efficacy of ion channel modulators with Grunenthal/ Averitas, Oblique Therapeutics, Akelos & King’s College London

Examine NPT

Examine novel small molecule, gene therapy, cannabinoid-derived pharmaceutical and device approaches with Regenacy Pharmaceuticals, Navega Therapeutics & Neuropathix