Welcome to the Neuropathic Pain Therapeutics Summit

The Neuropathic Pain Therapeutics Summit is the only meeting uniting large pharma, biotech and pioneering academics under a mutual and ambitious objective of discovering novel neuropathic pain therapeutic mechanisms to develop the next generation of non-addictive agents for neuropathic pain; an unrelenting nerve pain with huge unmet medical need.

Confronting specific and applied drug development obstacles, such as knowledge of the challenges in demonstrating drug efficacy in humans after success in preclinical models, and difficulties in identifying meaningful clinical biomarkers of pain, the Neuropathic Pain Therapeutics Summit will help central and peripheral nerve specialists, neuropathy professionals and drug developers from biopharma effectively translate their therapeutic approaches into human clinical trials, whilst optimizing the clinical development process to evade further clinical failures.

Join this dedicated virtual forum as we unite drug developers and academics to tackle the most critical drug development challenges in accelerating novel neuropathic pain therapeutics into the clinic and patients in need.